Friday, July 31, 2009

Mesilou Atamis Homestay

see i'm not really into "homestays". i thought they're boring, feels kinda awkward staying at a total stranger's home even, and BORING. i emphasized "boring" cuz that is what i felt during my 2 days, 1 night stay at mesilou. awkwardness with my foster family, yes, but they are nice people and i had fun with them. the activities there, simply not for me. hiking, jungle trekking,visiting farms, fishing traditionally, i'm not meant to do those. i did enjoy the bamboo music performance though. and the nature walk, our guide really knows his stuff. the jokes he threw in during our walk were not half bad too. too bad the nature walk only lasted about 45 minutes. i'd prefer they make it longer. the scenery at mesilou is to die for! the stream there are just spendid. the water flows directly from mt kinabalu, really cold, makes people think twice of having a splash or two. the air is refreshingly fresh, the cool breeze can make an angry bull calm down. the flora, relaxed my soul as i sat on a rock by the stream. the traditional bamboo music band rocked! they covered some locally famous songs, instrumentally and "karaokely". two of the village elders danced to the beat of the music. some of my friends joined in after a while. i was exhausted at that time so i didn't bother to join in. nevertheless, i really enjoyed their performance.

Mesilou: the highest village in Malaysia; about 1500m above sea level, 21-22'C average, about 3hrs drive from KK, Dusun natives mostly Muslims, sweaters are recommended.

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